“We’ve arrived at something that’s really special”: Gibson launches Jimmy Page’s ultra-exclusive Collector’s Edition 1969 EDS-1275 double-neck signature guitar – a meticulous, $50,000 recreation of an enduring rock ’n’ roll symbol

Last month, Gibson made the surprise announcement that it would be partnering with Jimmy Page for a run of signature guitars that would begin with a meticulous recreation of his iconic double-neck guitar.

Now, true to its word, the firm has officially launched the Collector’s Edition Jimmy Page 1969 EDS-1275.

According to the brand, this new version is effectively a direct clone of the legendary original that was custom-built in the late ‘60s specifically for Page, who was looking for a double-neck during a period when the EDS-1275 had actually been discontinued.

Page would go on to use that instrument to record and perform some of Led Zeppelin’s most iconic cuts – those live versions of Stairway to Heaven being the obvious reference point – single-handedly reviving the double-neck’s fortunes in the process.

As a result, Page and his EDS-1275 soon became an enduring image of rock ‘n’ roll heritage, making it the ultimate symbol of the guitar’s success. 

In order to faithfully revive such a historically charged instrument, Gibson developed it in close collaboration with Page, employing the help of 3D scanning technology and ultra-precise Murphy Lab aging techniques in the process.

“Every detail has been replicated, from the playing wear to the sonic character,” asserts Gibson. “Only 50 guitars have been produced by Gibson Custom’s expert luthiers and artfully aged to match the original by the Murphy Lab as part of this Collector’s Edition run honoring both the guitar and the legendary guitarist who first made it famous, Jimmy Page.”

Now, for those who remember the launch of the first Kirk Hammett Greeny, the release of Page’s newest signature electric guitar will make for familiar reading. Specifically, the Collector’s Edition guitar will be launched as part of an ultra-exclusive drop comprising just 50 units (all of which are played and hand-signed by Page himself) that will only be available directly from the Gibson Garage.

And, as was the case with the Greeny, each guitar will cost $49,999 (Guitar World has confirmed this figure with the Gibson Garage). As such, this truly is a “collector” guitar in every sense of the word, but Gibson has quite clearly pulled out all the stops in order to pay tribute to the iconic instrument.

No specific specs of the Collector’s Edition model have been provided, but since it’s marketed as a like-for-like reproduction of the source material, it’s safe to say the features will remain the same. That means the two mahogany necks will be attached to a mahogany body, with those split parallelograms adorning a duo of rosewood fingerboards.

(Image credit: Gibson) The 24.75”-scale guitar also features two sets of humbuckers (one covered, one uncovered), which can be controlled by way of two master tone and master volume controls, as well as a three-way selector switch.

Other appointments include Kluson tuners, black plastic control knobs, a large three-ply pickguard and a truss rod cover inscribed “Custom”, as well as inlaid mother-of-pearl Gibson headstock logos.

Naturally, Page himself was on hand to help launch the signature model, and took the opportunity to reflect on how he first came to play the EDS-1275.

“When I was doing the fourth album with Stairway to Heaven, I knew exactly how I wanted to build and layer the actual track, opening up with this really fragile guitar and then building and building with the overdubs,” Page recalled. “Then there’s also the solo, of course, so that you’re going from acoustic six-string to electric six-string to 12-string.

“I was not thinking for one moment, ‘How am I going to be able to do this on [stage]?’ I was just really making this thing into a complete piece as far as the guitar orchestration was concerned.

“Then it did come to the point where the album was eventually going to come out. I thought, ‘How am I going to tackle this?’ I went, ‘I know, let’s see whether we can get a double-neck,’ because if I get a six-string neck and a 12-string neck, I’ll be able to cover everything.

“The song demanded the guitar. So I just put it on and it was there to stay after that.”

(Image credit: Gibson) Of the firm’s latest release, Gibson CEO Cesr Gueikian offered, “One of the most influential musicians in history, Jimmy Page is an icon across all genres of music, art, and culture and co-founder of one of the biggest bands of all time, Led Zeppelin,” 

“Being the main music writer in Led Zeppelin, Jimmy leveraged his blues and folk inspirations to orchestrate the pioneering rock sound that became the signature of the band and revolutionized rock across all of its future variations. 

“We are grateful for Jimmy’s trust and partnership, and we look forward to paying tribute to him.”

“Seeing 50 double-necks is pretty extraordinary, I’ve got to say,” Page concluded in the launch video. “That’s really some achievement, for all of us – Gibson and myself. We’ve arrived at something that’s really special here.”

The guitar also arrives with a suite of case candy, including a Certificate of Authenticity book, a wooden Pick Display with Herco Flex pick played by Page on the specific serialized guitar, a couple of straps and a Gibson double-neck stand.

(Image credit: Gibson) It’s worth noting that when Gibson releases a Collector’s Edition signature guitar, it is usually followed by a standard Gibson USA variant. Whether a guitar of this caliber will receive the same treatment is unclear, but fret not: this isn’t the only Page model that we’ll be getting.

As per the pair’s original announcement, Gibson will be producing more Jimmy Page signature guitars in the future. Les Pauls are only a matter of time, surely…

To order the 1969 Jimmy Page Collector’s Edition EDS-1275, you’ll need to call the Gibson Garage directly on +1 (615) 933-6000. 

Head over to Gibson to find out more.

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