All Categories Module for OpenCart (vQmod)



Create an All Categories Page or on Any Page as a Module!

The All Categories Module for OpenCart is designed to allow for store owners to display all of their top level categories on a single page, while also taking advantage of the category image feature built into OpenCart. Using a custom built modular system, this module does not modify any of the core OpenCart file structure, maintaining the ability to upgrade OpenCart as needed. For the select instances where modifications to the core file system are required, vQmod™ (aka Virtual Quick Mod) is used to make the changes needed virtually without actually modifying any of the core files.

Once installed, the All Categories Module for OpenCart will create a link at the beginning of the Top Category links, which when clicked will direct the user to the All Categories page. This All Categories page displays all Top Level category links both by name and by the custom image selected in the Category administration section of OpenCart. Additionally, this module preserves and allows for the use of all Layout features of OpenCart such as the Content Top, Left, Right, & Bottom features used when placing various modules across the OpenCart system.

Overall this is a very simple and lightweight module in which it’s elegance is best found in its simplicity. The size of the category image is controlled from the OpenCart System Settings page, allowing for use of the dynamic resizing found within OpenCart. The Categories will then gracefully space themselves as needed depending on the size of the images, the amount of space available, and if there are any modules on the left or right sides of their container.

As of version 1.5.0 this module now also includes an OpenCart module file allowing for the ability to add the All Categories grid on any page that supports Content Top or Content Bottom functionality, including the Home page, Information pages, as well as Category & Product pages. While we have left the Content Left and Content Right options available, it is highly recommended not to use this module in those content areas. We have left these available as an option strictly for select custom themes who make use of these areas in a larger capacity than normally seen in more basic OpenCart themes.


This module was built and tested using OpenCart version, and vQmod version 2.1.6 and has since been successfully tested on OpenCart version, and vQmod version 2.2.1. While there should be no problem using this module on previous version of OpenCart in the 1.5.x series, or vQmod in the 2.x series, we cannot guarantee any other specific combinations of software versions will be compatible. Should you have any issues installing or using this module, please contact us through our CodeCanyon author page so that we can offer any suggestions or fixes that may be required.

What’s Included

Included with this module is a series of .PHP and .TPL files which are added to the Catalog area of the OpenCart installation, as well as a vQmod Module file which is added to the vQmod installation.

Change History

Version 1.5.0 (current)

  • Fixed Bug to display appropriate document title in browser window.
  • Added All Categories module for site-wide use.

Version 1.0.0

  • Initial software release