Predict the correct scores for Granada vs Alaves and Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid for free and stand to win up to ₦10,000,000.00.

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Granada vs Alaves Previous Meetings…

Alaves 0-2Granada 2019-2020
Granada 3-0Alaves2019-2020
Granada 2-1Alaves 2016-2017
Alaves 3-1Granada 2016-2017

Granada & Alaves’ Previous Games…

Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid Previous Meetings…

Real Sociedad 1-2 Real Madrid 2019-2020
Real Madrid 3-1Real Sociedad 2019-2020
Real Sociedad 3-1Real Madrid 2018-2019
Real Madrid 0-2Real Sociedad 2018-2019

Real Sociedad & Real Madrid’s previous games…

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